The 18 Principles program has been adapted to a wide range of situations and we are now bringing our thoughts, process, and methods to the specific needs of the “Wounded Warrior”. Our goal with this new version of the 18 Principles concepts is to help integrate soldiers back into society, by helping them heal and by providing guidelines for living a successful life.

The Wounded Warrior Program has three steps to fulfillment. The third step is optional and has two forms.

Step 1 – The I Forgive Workshop (more info)
The special needs of the Wounded Warrior are addressed through the use of a metaphor that facilitates the interaction of the group. The focus of this class is to embrace fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, mental toughness, and bravery by helping the participants to integrate these aspects back into themselves.

We believe before any warrior can heal each must forgive themselves, family, friends, enemies and other issues such as “Am I worthy?”, with God, Leaders or anything you define.

Step 2 – 18 Principles for the Warrior (more info)
This class focuses on dealing with the struggles of the Wounded Warrior and moving into a more meaningful and positive life. This is a life skills workshop based on the original 18 Principles.

Step 3 – Awakening Through Forgiveness (nature walk)  (more info)
Incorporating the 18 Principles for Wounded Warriors concepts into life provides a higher level of understanding about how these principles fit into the larger universe allowing the class members to improve their overall happiness. The efforts in the class are focused on the needs of the individual class members. This class can be taken in a classroom setting in the I Forgive Workshop or as part of a nature

We connect through nature on this 2 to 3 hour walk through a beautiful local natural setting. We discuss the world of Possibilities, Limitations, Awareness, Letting Go, and Remembering and Awakening. We explore the 5 categories of Forgiveness and breaking the bounds that keep us in place.