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18 Principles is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to children, adults, and corporations to create success on their journey through life. Our purpose is to help you grow and heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to create the life you desire.

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Raising the Collective Awareness in the Teachings of Love, Compassion and Understanding

Whoa! Big ideas, but what does it mean?  It means we integrate your inner essence with how you show up in the world.  Most of us are like a freight train that carries all the garbage of our past from childhood to the present until the train reaches a hill that it can no longer climb.  We are stuck on a smelly train going nowhere.  We let the past control our now and our future.  Our dreams fade away one by one.

Guess what?  You don’t have live like this.  You can change your Destiny.  It starts with taking responsibility for you.  Only you can save yourself;  no one else can.  You have to want to be helped in order to receive.  Guess what?  You might not like the message of those trying to help you accomplish your goals.  Why you ask?  Because it requires us to confront ourselves and we might not like what we see.  Ah!  Those three pesky words of Fear, Doubt and Worthiness (FDW). Speaking from a personal perspective, it sucks at first and then becomes easier.

I have developed a process to help you become what you were meant to be:  A loving, successful human being living without FDW, and without the baggage from the past.  We do this with humor and love, as we do the work.  Everything starts and ends with you.  Let’s Go, Connect with David and ride the train of life together!

As a practical matter: The 18 Principles have been taught as “life skills” tools for years.  Now I have expanded how those tools can been used in a step-by-step process, with the creation of the Life Pyramid.  The Life Pyramid is the 7 Step, self- discovery process and the 18 Principles are the tools we use for each of the steps.  It is our mission to help each individual become the person that they desire to become in every aspect of life, from personal to business.  As you continue to scroll down, each of the 18 Principles are revealed within the Life Pyramid steps.  Enjoy!

“All of us are in a different stage of understanding or awareness.” 

There are overlapping considerations for example about awareness and healing.  There are techniques used in awareness that help you with healing.  In a way, it is like learning to play baseball.  There are the basics of the game and more strategies as you get more experienced.  When you are first starting, you just want them to get the opposing team out by focusing on getting just one “out” at a time.  As you get better you learn about making double plays to get two “outs” at a time.

“There is more than one way to achieve personal growth to create the life you desire.”

We believe that establishing a solid foundation sets the basis for your journey through life.  We are all on different levels of awareness. Like all sports, you need to start with the fundamentals to master the higher aspects of the game. As one Tai Chi master once told me, he is still learning the basics.

By reflecting on yourself, and participating in our workshops which are designed to challenge you to grow, you will experience more awareness. The train is leaving the station are you ready to hop on-board?

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The Life Pyramid : Process of Self Discovery


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Step 1 – Responsibility

The first step is taking responsibility for your actions and choices  The first question to ask yourself, who is responsible for me?  Is it somebody else or outside events?  A ship or car doesn’t steer itself.  We must guide the path of where we want to go.  The big question to ask; where do I want to go in life and who is the captain of my ship? I believe I am the Captain of my ship and the master of my destiny.  If you do not want to take responsibility for yourself, you will not be able to achieve the life you desire and there is nothing we can do for you.


Principle # 1 - The Spark


Within each of us is a spark that unites us to our inner resolve.  Touch that spark within you and you will touch that spark that is within us all.


Principle # 2 - Grow in Love, Understanding and Compassion


Remember that everything that happens to us both good and bad is an opportunity to grow in love, understanding and compassion.


Principle # 3 - Things Will Work Out

When events happen that are traumatic or considered a bad time in your life, remember that things will always work out.  You may not know how or when, but they will.  Never give up and keep on working.


Principle # 4 - Only You Can Make Decisions For Yourself


No matter what other people say or think, only you can make decisions for yourself.  You are the one who has to live with yourself.

Step 2 – Forgiveness & Letting Go

For most of us the past controls our present day and our future.  We need to let go of events that are holding us back.  This is where we do major house cleaning to clear out all of our Fears, Doubts, and lack of Worthiness (FDW) issues.  This is where we accept the positive and negative aspects of the “Shadow”.  This is where we begin the healing process of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. This is the beginning of setting yourself free so you can live the life you desire.


Principle # 5 - Volunteer Help To Your Friends

If a friend is in need of help, he or she shouldn’t have to ask you for help.  You should volunteer your help which may be accepted or rejected.


Principle # 6 - Don't Live Other People's Problems

 If you help someone through their problems, do not live their problems with them.  Their problems are theirs alone not yours.  It doesn’t mean you do not care, love them, or do not try to help them.


Principle # 7 - Listen To A Friend In Need


Take time out to listen to a friend in need.  Sometimes that is all that is required.


Principle # 8 - Do Not Take Pleasure In Others' Downfalls


Do not take pleasure in someone’s downfall, for someday it could happen to you.

Step 3 – Awakening

Once we clear out what has been holding us back, then we can begin to look at ourselves and the world with new eyes and perspective.  We can then begin to have experiences that expand our understanding of life and how everything is interconnected. We begin to learn techniques that teach us how to become self-aware, how to apply the fundamentals of the 18 Principles, get a basic understanding of energy and the ability to feel it.


Principle # 9 - Be Loving In All That You Do

I believe the way you conduct yourself in life, is how you will be judged when your days have ended.  Be loving in all that you do, for this is the most important thing.


Principle # 10 - View Things From All Directions

Think of a person’s face.  One person sees the front, another the left side, another the right side and another the back of the head.  Everyone is trying to get to the same point, but many are looking at that point from a different angle.  Understand this and you will understand more than you realize.


Principle # 11 - Don't Get Overwhelmed By A Problem

If you ever feel overwhelmed by a problem, don’t worry.  Just pick a place and start working the problem one step at a time, and the rest of the steps will fall into place.

Step 4 – Healing

Now that we started the healing process in Step 2 Forgiveness and now we can move forward with deeper healing for ourselves and helping others.  Let’s assume you have healed your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, and now you are left with physical challenges like cancer.  How do you use energy and attitude to heal yourself of a grave illness?  How can you help others to heal? 


Principle # 12 - Keep Yourself In Shape


Keep yourself in shape.  This will help you to relax and feel better when you are under stress.


Principle # 13 - Take Care Of Yourself First


Take care of yourself first, for if you do not, it will be difficult to help others.


Principle 14 - Keep A Sense Of Humor


Keep a sense of humor.

Step 5 – Life Skills

As we move through the process we realize that our life skills need improvement.  Many of the things we have been taught are not healthy for us.  Do we understand for example, sometimes all you need to do is listen to a friend in need?  You do not have to say much.  We go through a deep dive of the 18 Principles on how you can apply them to life on a personal, spiritual, and practical level for success.


Principle # 15 - Learn By Making Mistakes


Do not get mad at yourself for making mistakes.  This is one of the ways you learn.


Principle # 16 - Work The Process To Understand


Sometimes you will follow a process that you know works, but do not understand why.  Understanding will come by working the process.

Step 6 – Continuous Learning

We should always be learning.  Do we look at the world the same way a child does in elementary, middle, or high school. This is where we take the basics expand upon and apply them in new ways and understanding.  We are now at the point where we start to learn about higher consciousness and continue with advanced training.  We expand on our understanding on how everything is interconnected.  We can further explore contemporary issues like Black Lives Matter and why it is an issue.  Remember to be curious about different cultures and learn to understand their reactions to the world around them.  Life on earth is nothing more than a gargantuan school so we can grow in love, compassion and understanding.  Through this learning process, we advance our spiritual/soul development. 


Principle # 17 - Practice Substance Over Form


Many people practice form without substance.  Form or process without substance is a waste of time.


Principle # 18 - Observe People's Actions


Listen to what people have to say and watch their actions to see if they match.   Do not be surprised if they don’t.

Step 7 – Life Desired & Sharing

All of our training is geared to help you obtain the life you desire.  Only you can decide what that life should be.  This is the place where you are living with integrity of your life purpose. This is the place where you start to share what you have learned by mentoring, helping others or to start teaching the fundamentals to our fellow travelers seeking meaning in the journey of life.

The vision you see for your world and your life is yours alone. You owe it to yourself to find your dream and make it happen for you.”

- David Viscott

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18 Principles Mission

Our mission is to raise the collective awareness in the teachings of love, compassion and understanding by providing education and training to children, adults and corporations to create success on the journey through life.

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