No Action No Vision No Solutions Coming Together – NAVS GOP

Written by DavidS

June 6, 2022

I have been a Republican since Ronald Reagan.  I am what you would call fiscally conservative and socially moderate and sometimes more liberal.  That part of the party no longer exists.  Could someone please explain to me what the Republican Party stands for, other than saying no to any democratic proposal and having no vision or solutions for the future?   I believed in Ronald Reagan, President, and Tip O’Neil, leader of the house.  They would work together for the benefit of the country, and put country first, not party.  They respected each other and worked together to pass legislation that was beneficial for the country.  They agreed to disagree, would meet often just for drinks after a hard day’s work, and would not discuss politics.  Supreme Court Justices were generally approved anywhere from 58 to 99,regardless of which party was in power.  You can Google it

I am tired of the NNN or NAVS GOP party of No Action, No Vision, and No Solutions.  I am tired of the attitude that, if someone disagrees with you, they are the devil incarnate.  I am tired of our inability to work together.  I am tired of passing legislation with only one party participating.  Remember the Hastert Rule that, we Republicans used so effectively to silence the minority, and the Freedom Caucus using their voting block to stop all legislation from moving forward?  The other side didn’t even have to show up.  Most of my experiences have demonstrated that working together generates a better plan and buy in.  Yes, at times each party feels that it could have been better, but the questions remains is it good enough?  We can always amend legislation for things that were unintentional and or we missed.

Without vision and solutions we are like the Taliban, burn the house down with nothing to replace it.  It is easy to destroy, but difficult to rebuild and govern.   We do not need to burn the house down.  We can make changes whenever we decide to.  Even our founding fathers realized we would need to make changes in the future and thus the Amendment process to the constitution.

It is time for us to come together as fellow citizens.  It is time for us to listen to each other.  It is time for us to remember we are one country, one nation and people of the United States of America that includes the many diversities.  It is time for our leaders to stop lying to us.  It is time for us stop believing the lies, start thinking for ourselves and start focusing on what we desire for our country going forward.  True leadership is not telling us what we want to hear but telling us what we need to hear.  True leadership is inclusive, not always pretty, and let the ego go.  It is not about how great we are as individuals, but how great we can become if we unite.  For thousands of years, civilization have fallen because they were divided.  As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  It is time to come together or we will perish.  It is time to build a better tomorrow for our future. 


David Sabetay ©2022

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