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A Journey of Self Discovery


Welcome to 18 Principles – A community for those seeking to heal the past, find peace in the present and create a joyful and abundant future.


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Our Mission

To raise the collective awareness in the teachings of love, compassion and understanding.

Our Purpose

To help you grow and heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to create the life you desire.

  • Everything Starts and Ends with You
  • No Matter What Happens You Have a Choice
  • It’s Your Journey – Set Yourself Free

The first step is to accept responsibility for yourself

The second step is to “Forgive Yourself” or to “Let Go”


18 Principles is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to children, adults and corporations to create success on their journey through life.


What We Do

The 18 Princples

The original 18 Principles purpose was and is designed to provide life guidance. It is designed to get you think about how you interact in your daily activity with yourself and others.  Going into a deeper dive of the 18 Principles we learn how we can apply them to life on a personal, spiritual and practical level of success.


All of our workshops are designed around the 7 Steps in the Pyramid.  Each workshop is designed to help you become the person you want to be without judgment.  The workshops are designed to be interactive and give you tools to help yourself on journey to live the life you want.

Life Guidance

There are 3 basic questions you might be asking yourself.

1) Are you frustrated with where you are in life and where you want to be?

2) Has the past been controlling your now and Future?

3) Has your inner resolve been calling you to change? 

David helps you deal with all these underlying issues in a loving, intuitive and in a practical matter.  


We provide tools or teach techniques to help you become the person you want be.  For example, our worksheets on dealing with past hurts or teaching the Way of the White Lotus Flower to help you become centered or peaceful in an increasing turbulent time of uncertainty as you go about your day.  

Our Story

In honor of my son’s birth, I wrote a letter to him. I gave the original letter to him in recognition of his 13th birthday.  The letter titled “18 Thoughts To Help You Through Life”.  Ten years later, I used the letter as the basis for 18 Principles.  The original audience of 18 Principles was middle and high school students.  Children between 12 and 18  years of age are taught academics (facts and figures), but they are given few if any tools or insight regarding how to deal with life.  Suicide prevention, for instance was added to the program after I saw and felt the pain in the children I encountered. I had realized almost every school where the program was presented was dealing with suicide-related issues.  Many school administrators however, were not willing to shine a light on and confront those issues head-on.


Over the years I faced many adversities.  I acknowledge the way I was dealing with life was no longer working for me.  I examined myself, my marriage, business associations, friends and family.  I recognized keeping things locked away inside me and not addressing them only came out in ways I didn’t want.  My approach to facing difficulties and adversities in life affected my relationships with family, friends, business associates, employees and coworkers.  Most of all it was making me physically sick.  I worked on myself for years seeking to make the changes I needed to live the life I desired.  Though I made steady and significant progress, I realized I hadn’t completed my transformative journey.

In April 2019, I was given a death sentence.  I was told I would die a painful death unless I followed the regimen my doctors were recommending.  I chose not to follow the well-meaning advice of my three doctors.  Instead, I decided I would manage the care and heal myself of the aggressive cancer coursing through my body.  I was convinced the cancer was the result of deep underlying issues I had forced even deeper and buried inside me.  Those issues rose to the surface as cancer demanding my attention.  Today, I am gratified to report I am healthy; and, I continually work on myself in order to maintain my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

From my own realizations about life, continuous study, increasing my spiritual awareness, and applying 40 years of practical business experience I have expanded the purpose of 18 Principles to help everyone “Live the Life They Desire” through “A Journey of Self Discovery”.

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18 Principles Mission

Our mission is to raise the collective awareness in the teachings of love, compassion and understanding by providing education and training to children, adults and corporations to create success on the journey through life.

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