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Goal Setting

What do you want to be? Are you letting the past control your now and your future?

Relationship Guidance

First we must establish your relationship with yourself, in order to evolve in the relationships around you.

Becoming Who You Are

Resolving your inner obstacles. Understanding your spirituality. Connecting to your inner wisdom.

Life Skills

Understanding how you intereact with people. Developing positive interactions to lead to your desired life.

Helping You Find Your Desired Life Through Fresh Perspective

I Am Unhappy With My Current Journey…It’s Time to Find Yourself and Change Your Life

We are each on a journey to heal our past, find peace in our present, and create a joyful and abundant future. Many of the challenges we face relate to experiences we had in the past. which can affect all aspects of our lives in the present. The only thing you can change about the past is way you view it today.

Confronting ourselves is one of the most difficult things to do in our lives.  We are afraid we won’t like what we see. To be free to live the life we desire, we must fully embrace ourselves. To do that we must learn to forgive ourselves, let go of the pains from the past and learn to love ourselves.  If you look into the mirror, can you say I love the reflection looking back at you? Not loving yourself comes from not believing you are worthy.

What Is Life Guidance with David Sabetay?

Goal Setting

If you had a blank piece of paper and no obstacles holding you back, what would be your desire for yourself?  By asking a series of questions, we help you define your goals, large and small, and outline a plan to get there.

Relationship Guidance

How you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself.  If you treat yourself in a loving caring way with the ability to look at yourself on how you are interacting with people, you can see how others would like to be treated. 

Becoming Who You Are

Everyone is afraid to confront themselves, because we might not like what we see.  This is where we learn to Forgive ourselves and others, Let Go and Trust everything will work out, by making 3 key choices.  This is a commitment to yourself.

Life Skills

Moving through the Process of Self Discovery with the 7 Steps, we realize that our life skills need improvement.  Many of the things we have been taught are not healthy for us. We go through a deep dive of the 18 Principles on how we can apply them to life on a personal, spiritual, and practical level for success.

How Do I know If Life Guidance With David Sabetay is Right For Me?

There are 3 basic questions you might be asking yourself.

Are you frustrated with where you are in life and where you want to be?

Many times the underlying issue is not what you think. Deep down you may feel you don’t deserve happiness and success, because your feel unworthy or not good enough.  David quickly helps you to identify underlying themes, and changes your focus to what you want to be.  

The end result weaves experience, intuition, spirituality and practical life considerations into a mosaic to help you become the person you were meant to be.

Has the past been controlling your now and future?

Letting go of the past is always a work in progress.  It has shaped us to be who we are today.  By embracing the past and letting go of the pain caused by fear, David helps you release the emotional, mental and spiritual trauma. This enables your ability to set yourself free to live the life you desire.

Has your inner resolve been calling you to change?

Somewhere deep within us, we feel that we are missing something.  We feel a calling to make a change.  David helps you connect with your inner wisdom to identify what needs to chage, so you can embrace your freedom to be happy.

The end result David weaves experience, intuition, spirituality and practical life consideration into a mosaic to help you become the person you were meant to be.

My Approach

David helps you deal with all these underlying issues in a loving, intuitive and in a practical manner.  He brings many decades of life experience and four decades of experience in the business community.  He has a broad and deep background in multiple industries.  He has worked for and with companies from a few hundred thousand to a billion dollars in operational performance. He understands what it is in life to have money and no money.  He overcame a diagnosis of aggressive cancer that would lead to a painful death, and healed himself.

The end result of the process weaves experience, intuition, spirituality and practical life considerations into a mosaic to help you become the person you were meant to be.

How It Works

Schedule a Free One-on-One

Schedule a free discovery call with me. 


Choose a Life Guide Plan

Are you ready to connect with yourself? Book or schedule now.  Let’s get started.  If not now? When?

Step Into a Life Desired

The outcome is living the life you desire.


This where we find out what you would like to accomplish and determine whether we can be of service.  We will ask you three questions that will help you and us determine the course of action.



More Details

Are ready to take responsibility for yourself ?

Do you want to make changes?

Are you ready to take action and do the work?

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Embarking On Your Journey

Four 1-hour sessions to help forgive yourself and others to set yourself free from the past. 


More Details

Embarking on Your Journey contains four 1-hour sessions.

Each one hour session is $125 for a total package price of $500

You will recive an 18% discount ($90)

Session One:

  • Identify what you want to accomplish.
  • Identify what may be holding you back.
  • We will challenge your assumptions
  • Personal Pledge

Session Two:

  • 18 Principles for Healing

Session Three:

  • Who I Am and the Act of Forgiveness
  • Tools to keep Positive

Session Four:

  • Forgiveness Worksheet Review
  • More Tools to Keep Positive
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The Middle Journey

Eight 1-hour sessions contains the learnings from “Embarking On Your Journey” plus a deep dive into the 18 Principles developing life skills and start developing your life plan.


More Details

The Middle Journey contains eight 1-hour sessions.

Each one hour session is $125 for a total package price of $1,000

You will recive an 23% discount ($230)


Sessions 1 thru 4 from “Embarking On Your Journey”

Session 5 & 6

  • Visualization Technique to Relax
  • Reading of 18 Principles to identify which resonates most with you
  • Going over the Principles that resonate the most with your first, then discussing the remaining Principles, and how to apply them to your life.

Session 7

  • Go over Issues You Feel are Holding You Back

Session 8

  • Developing Your Plan of Action
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Journey of Destiny

Sixteen hours of long term Life Guide Sessions to help you find solutions to everyday life and goal setting. Explore and learn how to deal with energy. Learn the fundamentals of healing and the true meaning of life.


More Details

Journey of Destiny contains sixteen 1-hour sessions.

Each one hour session is $125 for a total package price of $2,000

You will recive an 28% discount ($560)

This will either be a structured or open, depending on the needs of the individual.

This includes the structures provided in “Embarking On Your Journey” & “The Middle Journey”

Custom Discussion Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping you find solutions to everyday life
  • Defining and monitoring your goals
  • Learning about energy and how to use it
  • Learning the fundamentals of healing
  • Defining the meaning of life
  • Connecting to your own inner wisdom
  • Understand how to play the corporate game from politics, expectations, focus of management and others, and perception vs reality
  • Understanding going to the abyss and back – Acknowledging that we all have suicidal thoughts. There is always a better tomorrow, but we don’t always believe it or can’t imagine it.
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