Life Pyramid



The first step is taking responsibility for your actions and choices  The first question to ask yourself, who is responsible for me?  Is it somebody else or outside events?  A ship or car doesn’t steer itself.  We must guide the path of where we want to go.  The big question to ask; where do I want to go in life and who is the captain of my ship? I believe I am the Captain of my ship and the master of my destiny.  If you do not want to take responsibility for yourself, you will not be able to achieve the life you desire and there is nothing we can do for you.

It is always easier to blame someone else or to look to someone else as our savior for life’s problems.  The truth is no one can save you but you.  No one can help you unless you want to be helped.  Maybe I contributed to my problems by not understanding the consequences of my decisions or perhaps I lost a job due COVID 19 which I had no control over.  Either way you are forced to confront the reality of the situation.  That reality requires action on your part, which means you have to take responsibility.  Our workshops are designed to give you tools to be successful in your journey.

The Positive Aspects of the SHADOW

  • Soul – What does it desire?
  • Heart – Knows only the truth
  • Action – The willingness to change
  • Destruction – Destroying our past beliefs about self
  • Ownership – Taking responsibility for ourselves
  • Winner – You are and always were a winner

The Negative Aspects of the SHADOW

  • Secret – What is the hidden agenda of the ego?
  • Hear – The negative inner dialog
  • Avoidance – Dodging or preventing our happiness
  • Doubt – Is our constant companion
  • Overwhelmed – Feeling helpless, crushed, overpowered
  • Wither – To decline or desintegrate


For most of us the past controls our present day and our future.  We need to let go of events that are holding us back.  This is where we do major house cleaning to clear out all of our Fears, Doubts, and lack of Worthiness (FDW) issues.  This is where we accept the positive and negative aspects of the “Shadow”.  This is where we begin the healing process of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. This is the beginning of setting yourself free so you can live the life you desire. 

Forgive, Let Go, and Trust that everything will work out.  To Forgive, Let Go and Trust requires us to take action.  Which means I am responsible for me.  No one can save me, but me.  I can get help, but I have Three choices to make.

  1. I must take responsibility for myself.
  2. I need to decide; Do I want to make changes?
  3. Am I ready to take action and do the work?

This is one of the reasons why Responsibility and Forgiveness are the foundation of the pyramid to help us on our journey through life.  Before we can really help others we must start with ourselves first.  As everyone who has ever flown in an airplane knows, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others.


Once we clear out what has been holding us back, then we can begin to look at ourselves and the world with new eyes and perspective.  We can then begin to have experiences that expand our understanding of life and how everything is interconnected. We begin to learn techniques that teach us how to become self-aware, how to apply the fundamentals of the 18 Principles, get a basic understanding of energy and the ability to feel it.

Decades ago, I took a job working at Vandenberg Air Force Base as a defense contractor.  I flew into the little airport in Santa Maria, California to start my new job.   A fellow passenger stopped me on the tarmac and said to me: Do you notice anything different?  I was totally in my head at the moment.  He said listen and tell me what you hear. I stopped, I listen and there was no noise at all…just quiet, a little breeze and the sun.  I was stunned.  If he hadn’t said something I wouldn’t have noticed. How often do we go through life without quieting the mind to observe and listen to the world around us?  Now is the time to start listening to the world around you and what your heart is trying to tell you. 

Forgiving ourselves helps quiet the constant mind chatter, get us to start looking at the world around us differently and ourselves.  This is where we begin to appreciate the lessons of life. 


Now that we started the healing process in Step 2 Forgiveness and now we can move forward with deeper healing for ourselves and helping others.  Let’s assume you have healed your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, and now you are left with physical challenges like cancer.  How do you use energy and attitude to heal yourself of a grave illness?  How can you help others to heal?

Healing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is a constant challenge.  I teach Forgiveness workshops and thought I addressed all my issues.  Boy, was I wrong.  I went through a bitter experience.  Someone said something during Christmas and I went ballistic.  I do not even remember what they said.  I realized all I did was put my feelings into a prettier box and buried it deeper.  My feelings came blasting to the surface and said look at me.

We all look to make peace with our pain and let it go. Has that happened to you? What is your story? 18Principles guides you throught this process with love, understanding and compassion.


Life Skills

As move through the process we realize that our life skills need improvement.  Many of the things we have been taught are not healthy for us.  Do we understand for example, sometimes all we need to do is listen to a friend in need?  We do not have to say much.  We go through a deep dive of the 18 Principles on how we can apply them to life on a personal, spiritual, and practical level for success.

As children, we are taught facts and figures.  We are taught very little about the ups and downs of life and how to deal with them.  Unfortunately, this hinders us as adults.  The 18 Principles are tools that provides life skills or guidance on our journey about adversity, problem solving, friendship, suicide prevention and other life issues.  For example, do we realize that when a friend is in trouble, that sometimes all we need do is listen to them?

Continuous Learning

We should always be learning.  Do we look at the world the same way a child does in elementary, middle, or high school. This is where we take the basics expand upon and apply them in new ways and understanding.  We are now at the point where we start to learn about higher consciousness and continue with advanced training.  We expand on our understanding on how everything is interconnected.  We can further explore contemporary issues like Black Lives Matter and why it is an issue.  Remember to be curious about different cultures and learn to understand their reactions to the world around them.  Life on earth is nothing more than a gargantuan school so we can grow in love, compassion and understanding.  Through this learning process, we advance our spiritual/soul development.

 All great teachers are always the proverbial students as well.  We are always learning new things and seeing different perspectives.  As soon as I believe that I fully understand something, the universe will let me know that I do not.  Remember the earth is nothing more than a gigantic school house to help us grow in love, compassion and understanding.  As one Tai Chi master once told me, he is still learning the basics.  Individual Life Guide Sessions and our workshops provide tools for your growth, understanding and journey through life.


Life Desired

All of our training is geared to help you obtain the life you desire.  Only you can decide what that life should be.  This is the place where you are living with integrity of your life purpose. This is the place where you start to share what you have learned by mentoring, helping others or to start teaching the fundamentals to our fellow travelers in the journey of life seeking meaning. 

As we journey and grow together, we begin to see the collective journey and our individual path.  All of us are on journey back to where we all came from.  The great cosmic spark.  To get there we must grow in love, compassion and understanding.  Trusting all the way that we are worthy, and guided through divine love and wisdom.  We feel honored to be part of your journey on the way home.