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Meet David

We are all on a journey of self-discovery. Over 30 years ago, my journey led me to an awakening event of profound peacefulness and an increase in self-awareness, culminating in a deep connection to everything around me. Suddenly, I felt locked into an altered state of consciousness and a profound view of my new nature. It was in this space that I experienced my awakening. As strange as this may sound, the event felt like a light switch was turned on inside my being. For the next six weeks I had no feelings of fear, doubt or unworthiness — feelings we almost all experience — only a feeling of awe … and a deep understanding of life and how we are all interconnected.

During the next few years, my spiritual awakening exposed me to not only positive but also negative energies.  In this confusing time, I eventually turned away from my new spiritual nature in search of a “normal” life.

I pursued a career in the aerospace industry, as had been expected of me; but my earlier awakening experience left an unmistakable imprint. For many years, as I climbed the corporate ladder.  I distracted myself from accepting and using my spiritual gifts, until the day I began writing from the insights my awakening had provided all those years ago.

My long road of self-discovery lead to the creation of the 18 Principles of Life.  Today, I use the 18 Principles and workshops to help others connect with their own inner wisdom and create the lives they desire.

Meet Deb

Deb’s passion is to serve entrepreneurs and the small to medium size business owner.  Deb assists the small business owner and solopreneurs to gain greater exposure to their audience through social media marketing while developing increased client communication with their current customers.   Deb offers support for the small business owner to develop effective operational strategies to increase sales, while lowering costs within their current business structure. 

Deb’s desire to make a difference in the world and her unique experience in supporting non-profit organizations to strengthen their ability to serve their community has brought her to the 18 Principles organization.


Meet Bud

Bud Cookson is a Project and Business Management Consultant with over 30 years in the Engineering and high-technology industries. He helps organizations execute their projects more effectively resulting in more On-Time and On-Budget projects with high customer satisfaction. He also provides consulting on business processes related to the project environment, including project accounting and strategic planning, as well as short-term contract business operations and management. Bud has more than 20 years of experience managing non-profit organizations in all positions of responsibility. Bud holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Bud has spent many years working with non-profits in numerous capacities. In addition to managing non-profits, he has spent many years as a volunteer Boy Scout leader working with teenage boys to learn life skills. He has also worked as a volunteer coordinator for in-school computer clubs at two elementary schools.

Meet Kathy

With a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s in Education, Kathy offers a blend of desirable educational backgrounds, clinical skills and therapeutic modalities. Though semi-retired and no longer accepting new clients, Kathy is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 35 years of experience in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups.

Kathy concentrated on many facets of grief and loss issues — including death, divorce, relationship issues, illness, personal and professional transitions, etc. — as well as PTSD issues dealing with catastrophic, traumatic loss (homicide, suicide, incest, mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse and assault, etc.)

Kathy has designed and conducted a variety of psychoeducational therapy groups in myriad settings — psychiatric hospitals, women’s prison, hospice staff, private practice, etc. As a clinical supervisor, she supervised undergrad college students in their junior and senior teaching internships as well as supervised Master’s degree candidates during their counseling practicums.

Kathy has developed and facilitated numerous community presentations on a wide variety of mental health topics, authored several articles on issues related to grief and loss, been interviewed by local newspaper reporters, and appeared on radio and television programs.



Meet Jay

Jay joined the University of Colorado School of Law in 2021. He is a 1989 graduate of CU Law and has maintained an award-winning real estate law practice for over 30 years. As a top name in Colorado law, he was a law partner with several prominent law firms such as Brownstein Hyatt, Farber & Schreck, and Lathrop GPM.

In 2000, Jay co-founded Kamlet Reichert, LLP, which at its apex in 2009, was the tenth largest law firm in Colorado. He is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the co-founder of LawBank, the oldest and largest community of independent lawyers in the Mountain West.

Meet Joel

Joel is a graduate of the Air Force Academy. In the Air Force, Joel worked in contracting buying various goods and services.  After his service, Joel worked in multiple professional industries, achieving success in sales, business developent and consulting.

Today, Joel considers himself a storyteller in a continued journey of self-discovery and creative expression.


“Give yourself credit for your previous lives that prepared you for this one.”

-David Sabetay

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18 Principles Mission

Our mission is to raise the collective awareness in the teachings of love, compassion and understanding by providing education and training to children, adults and corporations to create success on the journey through life.