“I Forgive Workshop” – 2 August 2018

When I forgive myself, then my heart can be open to receive love and give love.

Then my heart can dance to the music of my soul because I am free to be me.

Dancing to the music

To Forgive is to heal the soul,
to let go of pain and suffering, to let go of fear, to grow in love and understanding, and to be
who you are; a loving and caring soul

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The 18 Principles Story:

18 Principles has evolved over the life of the program. It was started when David Sabetay wrote the “18 Thoughts To Help You Through Life” as a letter to his son when he was born in 1994. During the evolution of the “18 Thoughts To Help You Through Life” it was transformed into a program for children.

The program discusses friendship, overcoming adversity, and problem solving. As David continued to evolve the program, he added a section about suicide to address the concern about the rising rate within the education system.

Today, David provides workshops and keynote speeches to children, adults, Veterans, and corporations that provide a guide for living a better life.


The 18 Principles Mission Statement:

18 Principles is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to children, adults and corporations on dealing with adversity, problem solving, friendship, suicide prevention, and other life issues. We provide a positive environment where participants feel free and safe to discuss issues facing their daily lives and gain insights, solutions, and support.

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