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The 18 Principles Story:

18 Principles has evolved over the life of the program. It was started when David Sabetay wrote the “18 Thoughts To Help You Through Life” as a letter to his son when he was born in 1994. During the evolution of the “18 Thoughts To Help You Through Life” it was transformed into a program for children.

The program discusses friendship, overcoming adversity, and problem solving. As David continued to evolve the program, he added a section about suicide to address the concern about the rising rate within the education system.

Today, David provides workshops and keynote speeches to children, adults, Veterans, and corporations that provide a guide for living a better life.


The 18 Principles Mission Statement:

18 Principles is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to children, adults and corporations on dealing with adversity, problem solving, friendship, suicide prevention, and other life issues. We provide a positive environment where participants feel free and safe to discuss issues facing their daily lives and gain insights, solutions, and support.

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