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In this free workshop we will learn about the Accepting the Shadow and the Freedom to Live Your Life.  We will teach The Way of the White Lotus Flower, talk about what is happening around us today, have a discussion about what you would like to learn.  The Way of the White Lotus Flower will provide preparation for future workshops.

Many of us feel like we are on a roller coaster with very high, highs and long trough lows.  Not only are we being impacted individuality, but we receive the unsettling feeling of those around us and the planet.  The question becomes, how do we handle it?  There is no one way.  It all depends on our individual level of awareness.  In order to provide a foundation for this change, I am expanding and changing the original forgiveness workshop to be called Accepting the Shadow – Freedom to Live Your Life.  The “Shadow” represents all of our fears and doubts and provides the framework to live our lives in freedom.  The framework is the following:


Soul – What does it desire?

Heart – Knows only the truth

Action – The willingness to make changes

Destruction – Destroying our past beliefs about ourselves

Ownership – Taking responsibility for ourselves

Winner – You are and always were a winner