By learning the 18 Principles for personal healing and joining with the expression of those understandings in writing, the participants more effectively internalize the life skills that are gained through an understanding of the 18 Principles.

The class begins by working toward an understanding the 18 Principles and then taking one of the 18 Principles to explore in greater depth. This exploration is accomplished by writing about the relationship between the Principle and their own life or a metaphorical representation of themselves. With this envisioning, the participant will delve into the deeper meaning of the Principle and more completely internalize the Principle as well as understanding the techniques for using all 18 Principles.

There is also an adjunct to this program where the group can use the resulting writings to sell in order to raise funds for the program. This adjunct is very effective for schools and other social groups.

Applicable to:  Teens, Parents, Schools