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When I forgive myself, then my heart can be open to receive love and give love.

Then my heart can dance to the music of my soul because I am free to be me.

Dancing to the music

To Forgive is to heal the soul,
to let go of pain and suffering, to let go of fear, to grow in love and understanding, and to be
who you are; a loving and caring soul


By letting go of the past and forgiving yourself, family, friends, enemies and other issues you free yourself to live a better life.  By accepting and loving yourself, you approach everything in life from personal to business with a positive attitude. When we let fear and doubt from our past control us, we carry that forward in everything we do. We have developed a process that will help you let go, so you can be free to be you. This workshop will give you the tools to help you on your journey through life.

We start the workshop with the premise that everything starts and end with you.  There is no magic solution.  Each of us has to take responsibility for ourselves and each of us must confront ourselves.  This doesn’t have to painful.  The workshop is divided into three major categories;  1) The Beginning of Awareness, 2) The Work, and 3) The Belief in Self and Healing Ceremony.

  1. The Beginning of Awareness – We start with visualization to become relaxed.  We review and discuss the 18 Principles of Healing and then start the process of healing by going through Who I Am and the Act of Forgiveness.
  2. The Work – We use Healing Process Mantra’s or saying to change the negative way of thinking into a more positive way of thinking.  These sayings or mantras can be used every day. From there we start the difficult work of listing the issues that we need to work on and how we are going to address them.
  3. The Belief in Self and Healing Ceremony – We take a Journey through War with White Wolf Medicine Man.  White Wolf takes us through a process of healing by showing us we no longer have to live in pain and reminds us what is like when we were happy.  After that we remind ourselves that we are worthy, loved, wanted cared for an magnificent.