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18 Principles is a program designed to help children, adults and corporations deal with adversity, problem solving, friendship, suicide prevention and other life issues. The Principles cover all aspects of life including interaction with other people, perspective, health, and spiritual inspiration.

The program was developed for preteens and teenage children and talks about friendship, overcoming adversity, and problem solving. The 18 Principles is targeted to middle and high school students, and can be applied to corporate and non-profit institutions.

3 of the 18 Principles:

3.) When events happen that are traumatic or considered a bad time in your life, remember that things will always work out. You may not know how or when, but they will. Never give up and keep on working.

Areas discussed in speaking engagements are solicited from the audience, but many times include topics such as loss of a loved one, job, relationship/friendship or marriage. Discussions also encompass happy events such as marriage, awards, births and friendships

7.) Take time out to listen to a friend in need. Sometimes that is all that is required.

The program covers many different areas of life and those things that the audience have experienced with interaction and helping of friends/loved ones.

18.) Listen to what people have to say and watch their actions to see if they match. Do not be surprised if they don’t.

Pay close attention to those that are in positions of authority as well as those that are your peers. Many times actions are not representative of their words. The seminar discusses tactics and strategies to manage your life ethically.