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18 Principles understands that Warriors returning from war have trouble adjusting to their life back in the states.  Many of these Warriors are affected by PTSD.  Traditional therapy provided by Psychologists and Psychiatrists, including talk therapy and drug treatment, are struggling with treating these Warriors.

Our hypothesis is that training for war and the survival instincts for fight or flight have become so ingrained in the warrior identity that he or she is no longer able to recognize themselves. We believe that the warriors need to be taught how to adapt the skills they learned in war to other functions in their persona. We believe that the first step to healing is to forgive oneself, our enemies, our leaders and even our friends for not understanding. We believe that that each warrior must reincorporate the different aspects of their identity into themselves. Once a warrior has forgiven himself or herself then we can apply the 18 Principles to Live a Better Life.

Our “Wounded Warrior Program” is designed specifically to address the needs of Warriors who are struggling with their lives and are seeking help for alternative approaches.  (Read more about this program)